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1 The use of the Monte Carlo method to evaluate Fuzzy definite and improper integrals, Nedaye Daneshgah, Journal of Islamic Azad university, Central Tehran branch, N0. 23, 2007, pp. 99-106. Download
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3 A method to avoid noise terms in solving Volterra integral equations of the second kind by using the Adomian's decomposition method, Nedaye Daneshgah, Journal of Islamic Azad university, Central Tehran branch, 2009. (Joint work with H. Barzegar) Download
4 Familiar with fuzzy sets theory, Mathematics Borhan (Roshd), Minister of education, 8 parts, Vols 59-66, 2008-2010. Download
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8 A Novel and Fast Improved semi-analytical method for solving a family of the second kind hyper singular integral equations, New research in Mathematics, IAUSRB, Vol. 6, No. 23, 2019. (Joint work with R. Novin and Y. Mahmoodi) Download
9 Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Method for Solving Fuzzy Integral Equations of the Second Kind, New research in Mathematics, IAUSRB, Vol. 8, No. 36, 29-42, 2022(Joint work with S. Farzaneh Javan and S. Abbasbandy)
10 Solving partial integro-differential equation related to operational risk by applying finite differences method, Mathematical Researches, Kharazmi university, In press, 2022. (Joint work with M. Rasouli and T. Damercheli) Download
11 The effectiveness of teaching via constructed examples by using GeoGebra software in learning high school geometry theorems,Technology of Education Journal, Vol. 17, No.1, 23-38, Winter 2023. (Joint work with M. Mehri Tekmeh and E. Reyhani) Download

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